Mother: Gas-soaked fireball injured young son in possible bullying incident

A Bridgeport family says their 6-year-old is recovering after he was hit with a gasoline-soaked ball that was on fire.
Police say the incident happened Sunday when a group of three or four kids were playing with gasoline and lighters outside of their homes.
Maria Rua's 6-year-old's son is in the hospital with burns to his face and body. She says an older boy intentionally lobbed a burning ball soaked in gas at her child. She believes it was motivated by bullying.
"It's not like he accidentally was playing with gas...he threw a ball at his face and set my son on fire," said Rua.
Her son is now recovering from the burns at the hospital.
"Yesterday, he looked in the mirror and said, 'Mommy why do I look like this?' That just kills me. That breaks my heart. This wasn't his choice," said Rua.
Rua says that another child did try to help her son.
The 6-year-old's father held back tears as he spoke with News 12. They say he is thankful it wasn't worse.
"He is a trooper," said Aaron Krankall
"Thank God he doesn't need surgery," Rua said.
News 12 met with the family whose son Rua has accused of bullying and they have denied the accusations and say they have been getting threats on Facebook.
Local and state police and fire officials are investigating.