Morristown woman starts vegan food subscription box service

News 12 is highlighting women-owned businesses in New Jersey during Women’s History Month.
One such business is Feasty Vegan in Morristown. Owner Kendra Arnold makes vegan food subscription boxes that are full of tasty treats.
One such box focuses on putting more pep in one’s step with coffee-infused vegan chocolate and caffeinated stroopwafels. Another box features upcycled dried fruits like oranges, watermelon and coconuts.
Arnold says she was inspired to start her business because she saw a big need in Morris County for vegan options.
“I own New Jersey VegFest, which is a vegan food series. I also live here in Morristown, and there’s still not a lot of vegan food - and I just wanted to see how I could get more,” she says.
Arnold is still working on opening a storefront. Feasty Vegan should be open by April. But her food subscription boxes are ready to go. Customers can order online.