Morristown family reunited with dog after nearly 2 years apart

A dog was reunited with his family in Morristown after they spent nearly two years apart.
Gregory and Victoria Hudler thought the reunion with Jodie, their Australian shepherd, would never happen.

The puppy was adopted as an emotional support dog for the couple, but just shy of his first birthday, they asked a relative to watch Jodie for a few weeks after the birth of their first child.

"After a couple weeks, contact kind of just cut off and questions started getting asked," said Gregory Hudler.

Shortly after, a family member told the couple that the woman had sold their dog.

"At that point, with it being a family member, it was a little bit difficult," said Gregory Hudler. "We decided on not contacting the authorities and causing a giant mess with the family."

That was roughly a year and a half ago, and the family had lost hope until about a week ago, when Victoria Hudler got an email that Jodie's microchip had been found in a stray dog in a Tennessee shelter.

With the help of charity organizations Wings of Rescue and Animal Lifeline, Jodie arrived at the airport, ready to see his family once again, and even gave Gregory Hudler a special hug.