More than 40 new state legislators sworn in

The governor?s State of the State address wasn?t the only big event in Trenton Tuesday - more than 40 new state legislators were also sworn in.
Forty-four brand new lawmakers took the oath of office. The swearing in ceremony marked the largest turnover for legislators in 15 years. It also represented a historic period in New Jersey history in relation to female lawmakers.
With Tuesday?s new additions, New Jersey now has the most female legislators than ever before. There are now nine female senators out of 40 and 25 assemblywomen out of 80 assembly members. Many lawmakers say the increase is going to make a difference in the future.
?Women have been in the background for so long and it?s finally time for us to take our place out front,? Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker says.
?No disrespect to our male colleagues, but I think we tend to rule more from our hearts and then come brains and we need that,? Assemblywoman Connie Wagner says.
Meanwhile, many in the Legislature hope that with new lawmakers on board, they will be able to tackle huge issues in the Garden State.