More flights canceled as Memorial Day weekend travelers try to return home

Another 1,600 hundred flights were canceled around the tri-state area Monday to end the holiday weekend.
Shelmaneik Watson arrived back from her trip Monday at Newark Liberty Airport. She says she was bracing for the worst.
"I know that with Spirit, I hear they get a lot of delays, and canceling flights at the last minute,” she says.
While her flight was on time, that was not the case for many others.
This holiday weekend, a couple hundred flights were canceled at Newark and at least 5,000 cancellations were recorded worldwide.
That may be the theme this summer. The TSA screened about 2 million passengers per day this week, which is nearly at pre-pandemic levels.
However, airlines say one contributor to the cancelations is staffing shortages.
So far, over 500 flights have been canceled and nearly 600 flights delayed for Tuesday, according to