Monmouth University exhibit showcases art in the #MeToo era

President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Women’s March and the Brett Kavanaugh hearings are just some of inspirations for an art exhibit at Monmouth University.
The work of more than 30 artists is on display at the school’s Pollack Gallery. It is named “Beyond #MeToo.”
“We didn’t want to focus on the #MeToo Movement. We wanted to look beyond that,” says Vaune Peck, director for the Center of the Arts at Monmouth University.
“Find solutions to change the way society ultimately thinks and behaves,” added assistant director Kelly Barratt.
“Beyond #MeToo” is also being used as class content for students in the Program of Gender and Intersectional Studies.
Peck says that while the exhibit may be controversial, it “means it is working, because it's eliciting people's responses and making people think and it's the purpose of art like this."
The exhibit runs from Jan. 22 until April 30.