Monmouth, Ocean counties see drop in opioid overdoses

Some New Jersey counties have seen a decline in opioid overdoses, according to recently released data.
Since 2016, Monmouth County reported a 10 percent drop in overdoses, while Ocean County saw a 25 percent drop.
Anjelia Pelay is among the survival stories coming from the area. She says opioids took over her life following a lupus diagnosis.
“It got to that point where I had no choice but to recognize what’s going on and take accountability or make changes or die," says Pelay. "Really, because you’re dying anyway by living like that.”
Many people like Pelay have turned to recovery specialist John Brogan, who handles post-hospitalization treatments in Monmouth and Ocean counties.
“When they come home - the minute they come home - they come right to the recovery center," says Brogan. "There’s a plan set up. Where are you going next, how are you going to do it. You’re accounted for on every step of the way.”
Pelay is still in recovery, but she is turning some of her focus to helping others.
Both Pelay and Brogan are on their way to Washington, D.C. to talk about what is working in New Jersey to fight the opioid crisis.