Monmouth County turns flu shot clinic into food drive

Monmouth County residents were able to get a flu shot Tuesday while also helping out their community.
The Monmouth County Regional Health Commission offered free flu shots at its clinic in Tinton Falls for anyone who brought in canned food for people, as well as pets.
“We’re not having any restrictions because given the nature of these flu outbreaks, it cuts across all lines,” says Monmouth County health officer David Henry.
The New Jersey Health Department says that the flu is widespread across the Garden State with high activity in all 21 counties. There have been over 5,000 confirmed cases of the flu in the state.
Officials say that although the flu vaccine isn’t as effective against this year’s influenza virus strain, people should still get the shot because it does offer some protection and can ease symptoms.
Dozens of Monmouth County residents came to the clinic and dropped off items like soup, canned vegetables and dog and cat food. 
“We were trying to come up with something to make it a little different and help out the community in a more widespread way,” says administrative assistant Peg Huie.
The canned goods will be donated to local food and animal shelters.