Monday’s Teacher Appreciation Week winner: Suzanne Kania from Chessie Dentley Roberts School

Every day this week, News 12 is announcing a winner for the Teacher Appreciation Week contest, and today's winner is Suzanne Kania from Chessie Dentley Roberts School in Elizabeth.
Kania has been a teacher for 21 years, and is currently teaching 5th grade.
She says while teaching during a pandemic hasn't always been easy, she enjoyed the challenge.
"I love new things, I love new challenges, so that was great to move forward with a challenge and how can we make this work,” says Kania. “I really don't like being held in the box, so this was kind of fun for me because it was out of the box -- okay let's see how we can make this work."
She is getting a $500 gift card courtesy of Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ.
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