Minimum wage increases to $12 an hour

New Jersey residents are celebrating the New Year and the state's minimum wage officially being raised.
Today’s increase continues the state’s path to a $15 minimum wage. Today’s jump goes from $11 an hour to $12 an hour.
Every year the minimum wage will increase by a dollar so 2022 will be $13 and so on until 2024 when it rises to $15 an hour.
With so many people struggling to make ends meet and being laid off during the pandemic, this increase will hopefully be a bit of help.
Because the economy has taken a hit this year due of the pandemic, so there have been concerns about continuing with the increases. However, Gov. Murphy has responded to these concerns by saying the rise in wages is needed more than ever. "And some folks have said, 'hey, listen, given the circumstances that we're under, should that be reconsidered?,' and the answer is, it can't be. We need and/both. We need more federal help to help us, help our small businesses, and we need to let the minimum wage continue to go on its march toward $15. We have far too many people in our state living below the poverty line and so that's another big step."
Mall businesses, businesses that hire seasonal employees and farm workers will have a bit longer to reach that $15 an hour mark.