Midterm election: In-person early voting kicks off in New Jersey

In-person early voting for the upcoming midterm election has begun in New Jersey.

News 12 Staff

Oct 29, 2022, 4:15 PM

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In-person early voting for the upcoming midterm election got underway Saturday across New Jersey.
“There was no lines and the process was really smooth," commented Reginald Bledsoe, of Newark.
Bledsoe came to the Essex County Government Complex to cast his vote and skip the wait on Nov. 8.
"It's actually a great practice that early voting is implemented in New Jersey because no one wants to until Election Day," he added.
New Jersey adopted early voting just over a year ago, expanding access to residents who otherwise might not make it to the polls.
In Roselle, by noon, more than 60 voters took care of their civic duty.
"Some people work, some people have two jobs, they have children, so this gives them access that they need to come on a weekend," said Assemblyman Reginald Atkins.
In Newark, election poll employees were optimistic that the numbers will continue grow and residents will take advantage of the early voting perk.
"You can come from anywhere and vote at early voting, you don't have to live in Essex County," said poll worker Regina Baldwin. "That's a benefit a lot of people don't pick up on."
Early voting is available at select polling sites throughout the state until Saturday, Nov. 6.

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