Middlesex residents say constant flooding has caused major erosion to their properties

Some residents in the Borough of Middlesex are still on edge as an often overflowing creek erodes their properties.
Homeowner Ken Beck says realtors told him his home is now worth zero dollars. The property, located on Holly Court, erodes more and more with each storm or flooding event - with more recent flooding making things worse.
“On my property, I lost about 8 feet and then after tonight, I’m not sure how much I’ve lost, but we’ll figure that out tomorrow,” Beck says.
Beck’s property has been undercut about 15 to 20 feet since 2022. He says he is uncertain what future weather events will bring to his property or the five other nearby families.
The creek connects to the Raritan River in Bound Brook. He says a pump station and flood wall built about eight years ago have been diverting the flow of the water.
Former Mayor John Madden, whose term ended in December, has been trying to help. But he says state and government agencies haven’t been helpful.
“Now that I’m not mayor, I’m hoping we can rally Congress or somebody to look at this before a major disaster occurs,” Madden said.
Another storm expected to arrive Friday night is also expected to bring heavy rain and the potential for flooding to New Jersey.