Medical examiner: 2 newborn boys found dead behind Bronx building were victims of homicide

A medical examiner has deemed the deaths of two newborn babies who were found dead behind a Bronx apartment building five months ago as homicides.
The medical examiner says the newborn babies suffered blunt force trauma to the skull. 
The NYPD has increased the reward for information about the murder to $10,000. 
The newborn boys were found dead behind 1460 College Ave. back in November. They were discovered by the building’s super. 
At the time, investigators told News 12 they were trying to figure out if the babies had been thrown out of a window from the building or killed prior to being found. 
News 12 was also told that authorities were still trying to identify the mother or determine if she was the victim of a crime. 
Hospitals in the area had no record of a woman coming in to seek care after childbirth, even after investigators expanded the search to include Westchester and New Jersey.