Mayor: Roselle Park resident's profane, pro-Trump flags violate code

A Roselle Park neighborhood is up in arms over a resident’s political flags. They say that it’s not the political statements that upset them, but the use of profanity.
Anyone driving by Andrea Dick’s home will know exactly where she stands politically.
“[Joe] Biden is not our president. He robbed the election,” she tells News 12 New Jersey.
Dick’s home is adorned with multiple political-inspired flags. Many are anti-Biden and pro-former President Donald Trump. At least three of the flags sport the F-word, while another shows Trump giving the middle finger.
Dick’s home is about one block away from an elementary school.
“We got our first complaint late Friday of last week,” says Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello.
The mayor says that the signs violate the town’s code – not because of the politics, but because of the profanity.
“They are, as per our ordinance on basically what you can and can’t have out, marked as indecent,” Signorello says.
Dick was sent a warning on Wednesday to take down the profane flags or face fines. But she says that it is her right to keep them where they are, and she plans to do just that.
“They aren’t even getting the point. It’s freedom of speech. I have a right to hang my flags where I want to hang them,” Dick says. “I’m going to tell you right now, I’m not taking those flags down. They’ll have to fight me tooth and nail.”
The mayor says that Dick has 24 hours to respond to the warning before she will be issued a summons, which comes along with fines. If she does not comply, she could end up in court.