Massive delays, cancellations seen at airports across the country. Here’s what experts recommend

Massive airport delays are being seen at airports across the country, including in Newark, amid bad weather, technical delays and short staff.
According to FlightAware, between JetBlue and Spirit Airlines alone, there were over 600 flight cancellations this past weekend. This comes as JetBlue announced that has made an offer to buy Spirit Airlines.
Brian Sinclair, of Bergen County, says that the safest thing you can to do make the airport a stress-free experience is to, "Get here early so you know what's going on obviously, always have a plan B."
Bad weather out of Florida seems to be one of the main issues. This is in addition to staffing issues as well as technical issues. This culminates in the FAA website stating there was a point when flights were delayed by an average of two hours.
It’s recommended by flight experts to check the status of your flight before getting to the airport to make sure you aren't stranded, and if you found out while you were already there, head to the carrier's help desk and call the carriers help line at the same time.