Marlton community rallies for workers of hair salon shut down by pandemic on Christmas Day

A Burlington County community is rallying to help employees of a Marlton hair salon that shut down on Christmas Day because of the pandemic.
At Moxie Blue Salon in Marlton, the sign on the door confirms yet another business closure in 2020, a year that has tested small businesses.
Moxie Blue closed for good without warning, employees say.
Nearby salons such as Shine Salon and Spa in Berlin are now rallying to support those now without a job.
"If anyone needs a job, we have space, we have the room. We have split shifts happening right now because some of our stylists are teaching their children in the morning. We're kind of empty in the morning. Whatever I can do to help," says Shine Salon and Spa owner Melanie Devlin.
Shine, and many other salons in the area, are also hoping to help Moxie Blue clients who purchased gift cards for the holidays.
"We will redeem up to 30% for them as long as they have proof of their face value," Devlin says.
News 12 New Jersey spoke with one of the employees who worked at the Marlton Salon. He didn't want to go on camera but says he's not mad at the owners, stating they became another victim of the pandemic as many small businesses have and he believes they didn't know how best to go about closing their doors and thought this was their best option.
He also says gift cards that were sold are in the process of being refunded.
"This year has been terrible and that's where I feel badly. I feel for the owners as well, being that I know how hard it is to keep the doors open. It's a different challenge every day," Devlin says.
News 12 New Jersey reached out to Moxie Blue for comment but has not heard back.
Employees tell News 12 New Jersey they were given their last paycheck.