Manville woman says front porch was vandalized with slices of pepperoni

A Manville woman says that her front porch was vandalized with pepperoni.
It is a situation that is giving neighbors a good laugh, but one that is also downright confusing.
“Who goes around with two slabs of meat and a knife and cuts it up and put it all over somebody’s yard?” asks homeowner Heather Dougherty.
News 12 New Jersey has obtained exclusive video that shows the alleged pepperoni vandals in action.
Dougherty's car was also keyed on the driver's side, and scratch marks were actually left on her car, after cats climbed up on top to get to the meat.
“While it was funny and I do find humor in it, you also vandalized,” says Dougherty.
Dougherty says she has filed a police report about the situation. Meantime, she started doing some investigative work herself, posting on social media about the incident.
Local pizza shop, Manville Pizza, confirmed they’re not missing any pepperoni inventory.
“Who would wanna waste such a precious commodity in this business there's nothing more sacred than some pepperoni,” says Manville Pizza owner Anthony D’aniello.
He, just as much as Dougherty, wants answers. She says possible pending charges are in the works.