News 12's Most-Viewed: #10 - Man says FanDuel Sportsbook won't pay out large bet

News 12 Digital is highlighting the most-viewed stories of 2018 as part of our 'News 12's Most-Viewed' series. This story on a contested sports bet was originally posted on Sept. 17. Original story below.
Original story below:
A Newark man says that he won a large bet at the Meadowlands Sunday but FanDuel Sportsbook won’t pay out.
Anthony Prince says that he made a long-shot bet for the Denver Broncos to defeat the Oakland Raiders during last Sunday’s game. The Raiders had been winning for nearly all four quarters at the time, but the Broncos started to come back.
Prince says that he was not watching the game at the time, but with only 1 minute, 10 seconds left in the game, and a score of 19-17, he made a bet on the Broncos to win.
He says that he put $110 down at a plus-75,000 bet. If he won, he would win $82,610. 
The Broncos ended up winning with only 10 seconds left in the game. But when Prince went up to the window to collect his winnings, he said that the teller would not pay out the bet.
“They said their system had a glitch in it and they’re not obligated to pay for glitches,” Prince says.
Prince says that instead he was offered $500 and skybox seats for three Giants games. But Prince says that he declined.
“The other guy said, ‘You should take what we give you because we don’t have to give you [anything] at all.’ I said, ‘Wow, for real?’” Prince says.
A spokesperson for FanDuel says that the company is currently investigating the matter.
But Prince says that he feels cheated.
“The government is taxing it now so I thought it would be a better situation. You'd rather go to the corner bookies now. You're not getting paid here,” he says.
Prince says that he plans on getting an attorney involved. He says that he will also contact the New Jersey Division of Gaming to make a complaint.