'Love and Hip-Hop' star encourages New Yorkers to become foster parents

A New York celebrity is encouraging people to consider opening their home to a teenager in need.
Actress and Producer Yandy Smith is the star behind the movement Monday night. The Winterland Bliss celebration was organized by HeartShare St. Vincent's Services, a social services clinic that empowers youth and families to overcome life's challenges.
Their focus was on mental health, providing shelter, foster care and help for chemical dependency. They reached thousands of New Yorkers.
The event also aimed to break down myths and facts about foster care. Smith is a foster parent herself, and she talked about her journey and how she met and became a foster mom to a teenager.
She talked about the respect and love she shares with her foster daughter, Infinity, and why she's decided to officially adopt her.
The event also connected prospective foster parents with the recruitment and matching department and staff - for people who have expressed an interest in changing a teen's life.