Looking to make the best video ever? 5 tips to make it perfect

News 12’s Amanda Bossard offers up ways to make yourself look great in social videos.

News 12 Staff

May 8, 2020, 2:05 PM

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Whether you are looking to become the next YouTube star or want to start promoting your business online, making sure you look your best in the video is key!
News 12’s Amanda Bossard offers five ways to help you make the best video ever!
Framing – you want to make sure you have the perfect shot! Make sure to hold your photo horizontal and not vertical. This way, you fill up the whole frame and don’t get black bars when a video plays on a standard screen.
Audio – Know where the microphone is so you can avoid blocking it with your finger. Also, try to avoid background conversations that might distract a viewer.
Light – Whether it’s the sun, a window or a light, make sure it’s shining on you, or what you’re filming, and not behind you.
Lock – Once you have the perfect lighting and framing, lock in the settings. You want to avoid settings that change or auto-focus in the middle of your video. Most phones have a settings lock button or you can hold down on your screen.
Stability – You want to stabilize your phone to avoid unnecessary shaking in the video. There are tools and tripods. But, if don’t have any of those, hold the phone with two hands instead of one to help.
Now you’re ready to start filming!
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