Looking to get rid of your Christmas tree? They will help to restore dunes. Here’s how you can help

Before you throw out your Christmas tree, remember -- you can recycle it this weekend at Island Beach State Park in Berkeley Township for no cost.
The Christmas tree drop is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at parking lot 23.
Towns along the beaches have used them for years to help restore dunes. The trees act as a natural barrier. When the wind blows the sand, it traps the sand and the dunes get bigger using all natural means.
"It does work and you know we are going to sit down later and identify additional spots that can use it,” says Kelly Scott, park naturalist. “There's no shortage of areas here that can use some additional help so the more trees the better"
Flocked Christmas trees, which is when you put the substance on it that makes it look like fake snow, are forbidden.