Looking to get fit in 2020? Some gyms now offering new year discounts

If getting fit is one of your new year’s resolutions, experts say that January is one of the best times to save on a gym membership.
Many gyms across the country are offering discounts and promotions to try to win over a new crowd of people looking to lose weight and get fit. Experts say that you do not need to overspend on gyms, just choose wisely.
“A gym that is not hoping you don't come and keep paying, but hoping that you come all the time and if you don't, we'll figure out a way to make it work,” says Michael Michaelides, owner of a CrossFit gym in downtown Atlanta.
Consumer Reports says there are a few things to look out for to help save money on a gym membership, such as signing up for a trial run. Most clubs will offer a free trial pass, allowing prospective customers to take some classes or try out equipment.
Prospective customers should also research prices and search for deals online. Discount websites usually have major deals on fitness classes, trainers and local gyms.
“Somewhere that gives you an opportunity to try them out for free. And then doesn't offer you any kind of contracts,” says Michaelides.
Consumer Reports also says to negotiate a deal. The organization suggests prospective customers go straight to the gym's manager instead of a salesperson, as they may be more willing to work out a better membership price.
“Just talk to them. Most gym owners are in this because they want to help people,” says Michaelides.
Another option may be to join a gym as a group, as many gyms offer lower rates as a group discount.
Customers may also check with their employer or health insurer, which often have deals with local gyms.