Looking to get away? Demand is soaring, and so are flight costs! Here are some ways to save.

Flight costs are soaring just as most COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted and more people are traveling again, and the rising cost of airfare is not grounding summer travel.
Flight costs are up 30% from pre-pandemic levels back in 2019, but demand is still sky-high despite the higher ticket price.
Newark Liberty International Airport was bustling with travelers today, many flying for the first time since the pandemic began two years ago.
Hopper, a website that tracks flight costs, says airfare is the highest it has been in five years.
"Finally getting out - love it, but through the roof, yeah you are right,” says Katrinka Baxter. “I have been looking and looking, never find a cheaper flight. Sometimes it goes down, most of the time it's sky-high, but if you have to travel, you have to travel."
The pricing problem is twofold. The skyrocketing cost of gas is now being passed on to passengers. Airlines are also cautious to bring back idle jets. With fewer seats, flights are selling out and driving up demand.
"A flight that would've cost me a one-way ticket for $150 is now like $500. It's ridiculous. I can't afford it no more,” says Joel Schnitzner.
Just Sunday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rescinded its requirement for travelers to show proof of a negative test before getting on a flight to the U.S. Some people say that move came too soon.
"It's iffy for me because with coming from different countries and stuff, you never know, but as far as COVID testing - I still wear my mask,” says Baxter.
If you are looking to get away, here are two ways to save -- consider hiring a travel agent and buy your tickets month in advance.