Look up! Constellation Orion easily visible in the evening sky this week

One of the most well-known winter constellations will be easily visible in the evening sky this week.
The constellation Orion is one of the most recognizable constellations – best known for the three stars that make up Orion’s Belt. Orion contains two of the 10 brightest stars - Betelgeuse and Rigel, plus several famous nebulae, including the Orion Nebula or the Stellar Nursery.
Orion may look a bit smaller this week. But just like the full moon, it is an illusion due to the fact that it is higher in the sky than normal.
Beneath Orion’s feet is the constellation Lepus the Hare.
Both constellations can be seen around 8 p.m. each night for the rest of the week.