Local Palestinian communities wait on critical updates from loved ones in Gaza Strip

Uncertainty and fear arises as Palestinian Americans in Paterson struggle to keep in contact with their families overseas. Some continue to wait for critical updates from loved ones.
"Every morning, I wake up and I say- who am I gonna lose in my family today?" said Najwa Alsadi.
Alsadi has been glued to her phone, praying for positive updates from her sister, cousins and more in the Gaza Strip who are now homeless and running for their lives.
"I don't even know their location right now, but I know they are alive. That's all I know," said Alsadi.
Montclair State University student Duaa Abufaras is also waiting on critical updates from her dad who was visiting family when the attacks began Saturday.
He's been sending voice memos to her in the middle of the night.
"Things are really bad. There's no electricity, no internet, bombing everywhere. They are targeting civilians, mosques, hospitals, families, entire families," said Fares Abufaras.
"I'm worried about my dad but I'm worried about my people, my own country and then it's just sad at the same time." Said Duaa Abufaras.
The Palestinian American Community Center in Passaic County has been working nonstop.
"We've kind of been in crisis mode," says Basma Bsharat, "Right now, it's been an all hands on deck."