Little Falls man allegedly sets fire to mother's house

A Passaic County man allegedly attempted to burn down his mother?s house during an hour-long standoff with police.
Police say they responded to a domestic dispute call Sunday involving a man and his mother. When they arrived at the Hopson Avenue home, police say they found 47-year-old Darin Warner in his underwear. According to police, Warner pulled a gun on the officers, causing two of them to fall down the stairs.
According to police, Warner then barricaded himself inside the house, pointed a gun out of a second-story window and eventually lit a room on fire.
Firefighters at the scene were unable to fight the fire effectively at first because of the threat of gunfire. Firefighters then turned their hoses on the gun, trying to literally flush Warner out. Eventually, efforts by both police and firefighters forced Warner to surrender in the back of the home.
According to police, Warner told officers that he had two grenades in the house, prompting officials to call in a bomb squad, though they found no evidence of explosives.
Warner was taken to St. Joseph?s Hospital for psychiatric evaluation and faces numerous charges including aggravated assault on the officers and arson.
No one was injured in the incident.