Little Falls barbershop offers free haircuts for students going back to school

City Image Barber Shop offered free haircuts Sunday to children in Little Falls who are set to head back to school.
The idea for the event came from the owner of the business, Joe Agnello.
Ten barbers volunteered on their day off to provide the haircuts.
“It really shows who we are as a culture at City Image,” Agnello says. “Coming together to not only benefit the company, but also coming together for the benefit of the community."
Ellie Kucuk and her son Mickey were among the first people in line for the event. She says her son is happy to be looking sharp before his first day of elementary school.
“Clothes and sneakers are my main expenses. Especially sneakers. These kids’ feet grow so fast,” she said. “The pens, pencils, notebook. The bookbag. It all adds up."
Parents at the barbershop said they were grateful for the opportunity to get their children free haircuts.
“It's just amazing that these people allow the kids to get free haircuts and help the parents out as well,” said Marinho Irribarren.
There are other initiatives across the Garden State to help parents ahead of the school year.
A back-to-school sales tax holiday started Saturday. It saves parents money on school supplies like pens and pencils, notebooks and binders.
The sales tax holiday comes as parents expect to spend over $500 on back-to-school items this year, according to
Over half of the parents in that survey report being very concerned about the money they are spending.
For some students, this is the last weekend before going back to school. Others still have one weekend left.