‘Let’s go get it done’: Teen stops school bus after crash

A teenager from Jackson Township jumped into action when his school bus was hit by an SUV and started drifting out of control.
The bus was headed for Jackson Memorial High School early Wednesday morning when it was hit by the SUV. The bus driver was thrown from her seat and injured. That’s when 16-year-old Evan VanArsdale jumped into action.
"Everybody looks back at me and I'm saying, ‘Alright, well let's go get it done,’” he says.
VanArsdale says that the driver was down in the stairwell of the bus, up against the door, and was stuck. The bus started to drift out of control. He says that he grabbed the emergency brake and also radioed dispatch.
"I just said, ‘Hi, this is [bus] 964. We just got in a recent car accident. Send help if you can,’ and I put it back down and I tried to help [the bus driver] out and keep her calm,” he says.
The bus came to rest up on the side of the road. The driver was taken to the hospital after help arrived. She was treated and released. No other injuries were reported.
VanArsdale says that he was later commended by his principal and the Jackson Township school superintendent. His mom says that she is also very proud of him.