Leonia sued for closing shortcut near George Washington Bridge

A New Jersey lawyer is suing a Bergen County town that is barring nonresidents from using its roads as a shortcut near the world's busiest bridge.
Attorney Jaqueline Rosa claims Leonia has no right to allow only residents to use its side streets during rush hour.
Rosa says that she filed suit Tuesday because she regularly uses one of the restricted roads and has to sit in traffic for up to 20 minutes.
"I am imploring that the people who are affected by this lets their voices be heard so that Leonia's mayor and council overturn this,” Rosa says.
Leonia last week started barring the use of side streets to nonresidents during the morning and evening commutes. Violators could face $200 fines. The town acted in response to navigation apps that reroute some of the tens of thousands of vehicles headed to the George Washington Bridge.
“I think the court, like myself, is going to be concerned about the effect that this is going to have statewide,” says Rosa.
But some Leonia residents say that they like the fact that outsiders are being kept out.
“The cars would come here nose to tail,” says Leonia resident Arthur Zayat. “They go flying up here. I actually have a radar gun. I use a sports radar gun. I’ve actually clocked them…up to 50 mph.”
Mayor Judah Zeigler says that he can't comment on pending litigation.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.