Latino Action Network endorses Gov. Murphy for 2nd term as governor

The Latino Action Network had endorsed Gov. Phil Murphy for a second term as New Jersey’s governor.
At the announcement, Murphy touted his first-term accomplishments for the Latino community in New Jersey.
“We can point to this man again to be sure that New Jersey has been at the forefront of doing what’s right. Let’s give it up again for our great governor, Phil Murphy,” state Sen. Teresa Ruiz said at the announcement.
The governor accepted the Latino Action Network's endorsement by offering reminders of what he said the presidency of Donald Trump brought.
“Think of that whole awful demonization. Us vs. them, crossing wires between criminal justice and immigration status. Those days are over,” Murphy said.
Murphy also tried to tie Trump’s suspicion of undocumented immigrants to his Republican opponent Jack Ciattarelli.
“This election on Nov. 2 has to put the final stake in that, in that we say once and for all, we are forever moving forward,” Murphy said.
At a town hall in Bergen County Thursday night, Ciattarelli said the state should not be encouraging illegal immigration. Ciattarelli has said he did not vote for Trump in 2016, but supported Trump's policies as president and voted for Trump in 2020.
Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2, but in-person, early voting begins on Saturday, Oct. 23.