Last-minute shoppers rush for deals ahead of Christmas celebrations

As the clock ticks toward Christmas, many last-minute shoppers are racing to secure the best deals before reuniting with their loved ones.
News 12's Joti Rekhi spoke with several shoppers at the Edison Walgreens, where the bustling aisles showcase a diverse array of gifts catering to various age groups.
From toys and sweets to practical winter essentials like scarves, gloves, hats, and slippers, the store provides a range of options. Gift cards, spanning Amazon, Home Depot, Nike, Gap, Old Navy, and various restaurants, remain a popular choice, offering recipients the flexibility to choose their desired items.
Andressa Baptista from New Brunswick, amidst her quest for gifts for her boyfriend's family, expressed the ease of selecting presents for children, mentioning toys, chocolates, stuffies, dolls, and action figures as favored options. Despite a busy workweek, she managed to find time to gather thoughtful gifts before embarking on a long drive to visit family, also preparing homemade food to bring along.
Walgreens, accommodating the rush, opened its doors early at 7 a.m. and will extend its operating hours until midnight in Edison.