Large beach party canceled after town officials find out

A large beach party in Point Pleasant Beach won’t happen after town officials found out about it and requested that it be canceled.
Tens of thousands of people were expected to show up at the party. Invitations and flyers were posted on social media.
“It was an advertisement addressing a beach party on June 29 and it gave times from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.,” says Point Pleasant Beach Police Chief Joseph Michigan. “Very vague on details. Just kind of like, ‘Show up in Point Pleasant Beach.’"
Chief Michigan and Mayor Stephen Reid say that they are warning potential beach partiers to stay home on Friday. A similar event was held in Seaside Heights Father’s Day weekend. Thousands of people showed up. Videos of the party made their way online.
"I saw underage drinking, and drinking publicly is illegal. And there were fights going on. And we just don't want that,” says Mayor Reid.
Point Pleasant Beach officials say that they got in touch with the party’s organizers and convinced them to take the flyers down and cancel the party.
“You just can’t post an event and just show up. There has to be permits in place. The beaches are owned privately. You have to get permission from beach owners to have events,” Michigan says. “There has to be a safety plan, a security plan. So, they were advised of that and once they were advised of that they decided to take it down."
Mayor Reid says that while all are welcome in Point Pleasant Beach, as long as they follow the rules, the town will still be increasing security on Friday in case those who planned to attend the party did not get the message that it was canceled.