Landlords not accepting rent ask the state to cut them some slack as well

Landlords are asking the state to forgive property tax payment penalties while they forgo collecting rent.

News 12 Staff

Mar 28, 2020, 2:24 AM

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Some landlords around New Jersey have relieved their tenants of having to pay rent during the coronavirus pandemic. But those landlords are also asking the state to help them and relieve their property tax penalties if they can’t pay them on time.
Three of the four businesses located in a strip mall on Route 23 in Butler have been closed for more than a week due to the virus. Landlord Allan Kaytes says that he is covering their rent, but will need help from the state.
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“Not to charge us interest if we can’t make the property tax payment on time. That would be a very smart thing, that would be helpful,” he says.
Kaytes says that he can keep this up for the next 2-4 months, but beyond that he is not sure if he could afford the penalties that come with missing tax payments.
Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday that the state is organizing rent vouchers for low income residents. He applauded the landlord’s efforts and says that the state will try to provide some relief.
“In a perfect world, I’d be telling everybody, holidays for this, holidays for that. But I’ve got to worry about keeping the lights on, so nothing more to report on that,” Murphy said.
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“I believe he’s doing what he can do for the state. It’s just that I hope it come sooner than later,” Kaytes says. “I’m sure he’s gonna do the right thing.”
Murphy said that he will have more information on how the state will be handling mortgage forgiveness on Saturday.

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