Landlord, tenants battle over damage and unpaid rent at Colts Neck mansion

The owner of a $1.3 million home in Colts Neck says that his renters trashed the property and left him with a repair bill of around $60,000. But the renters say that they did nothing wrong.
The owner, who did not want his name used for his story, began renting the house during the COVID-19 pandemic when the housing market stalled.
Inside the home, every inch of the hardwood floors is either being sanded down or replaced because it was stained. Holes in the walls are being patched and painted.
“Things are destroyed. The flooring is destroyed… They even cut a pipe from a pump in the basement to get sewage out,” the owner says. “Wait until you see the pictures of all the garbage in the house.”
The owner says that three renters were on the lease from October 2020 until October 2021. He says they never paid the $7,300 monthly rent and broke rules of the lease that stated that no parties would be allowed at the home.
“They were advertising selling tickets and there are supposed to be a few thousand people coming here,” the homeowner’s son tells News 12. “Multiple police departments got involved and shut down this party.”
Anwar Gavilanes was one of the renters. He professionally goes by the name DJ Diddy. He posted music videos on YouTube inviting people to the house. In at least one of the videos, the Colts Neck home is recognizable.
But Gavilanes says that the landlord was the problem.
“A lot of false accusations are being put on and targeted on me because of my social status online. I will let the legal team continue handling this situation. Harassment and bullying is something I wish upon no one’s kids and family members no matter what the circumstances are,” he said in a statement.
Adam Zakaria, another renter, told News 12 New Jersey via text, "We were constantly harassed and assaulted by our landlord. Everything he speaks of is lies."
The renters sent a video of the landlord berating a friend of theirs inside of the house.
“You [expletive] did damage to my house and I’m supposed to feel sorry for you?” the homeowner is heard saying. “You dog-[expletive]. Your mother’s a [expletive] and father’s a [expletive].”
The two sides are now in a legal fight. The homeowner says he is trying to collect on the repairs and rent money. The renters say their attorneys are pushing back against claims they broke the rules of the lease.
The home is no longer a rental property. The owner says that once the repairs are made, the house will be put up for sale.