Lakewood police start Register Every Camera initiative

Lakewood police are asking for the public’s help in increasing security around the town.
The police department recently unveiled the Register Every Camera initiative. Police officials would like every resident who has a security camera to register that camera with the department.
“We’re not asking to monitor your system, we're not even asking for access to your system. All we simply want is to know that you have a camera,” says Detective Lt. Greg Staffordsmith. “That information is then secured in our in-house database for the purpose of generating a map."
Police say that this way if a crime does happen, they have a list of areas that could be covered by cameras, which may help solve a crime.
Lakewood resident Rabbi Osher Lederer is the dean of the Yeshiva K'Tana of Lakewood School. He says that he fully supports the program and says that he has already registered his cameras with police.
“There’s been, I think, four or five times in the last few years our cameras have been able to help break crime,” he says.
Anyone who wishes to register their camera can do so at the police department’s website.