KKK recruitment flyers found on several lawns in Red Bank

The Red Bank community is on edge after Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers were distributed around town.
Police say that plastic bags containing the flyers turned up on three lawns in three neighborhoods in the Monmouth County town.
“It makes you feel really creeped out and disturbed,” says Leighton Avenue resident Kate Triggiano.
The flyers read, “Join the United States Army and fight for Israel." It also had a website promoting the KKK and a phone number.
Red Bank police say that since the flyers do not contain any threatening messages, it is only a bias incident and not a bias crime.
"It's concerning, but it doesn't rise to a criminal act believe it or not, because it's not threatening in any matter. It's not targeted toward a particular person or people,” says Chief Darren McConnell.
The bags were found on Leighton Avenue, Hudson Avenue and Harding Road. Police say that they believe the bags were dropped off at night and thrown from a car at random.
Neighbors say that whoever dropped the bags off was wasting their time.
"I do see it as a way of scaring people, threatening people,” Triggiano says. "We are such a strong community that's not gonna work here."
Chief McConnell says that while dropping off the flyers is not a crime, he would still like to know who is behind it for intelligence purposes.