KIYC: Sandy victims still at odds with banks over homes

A Kane In Your Corner investigation has gotten results for two families whose banks were not obeying a state law intended to help victims of Superstorm Sandy. But one of the banks is still attempting to foreclose on the homeowner, something the law prohibits.
Angel Eguerra, of Ventnor, and Jim and Carol Ferraioli, of Port Monmouth, were both featured in last month’s investigation. Both were certified by the state to have their mortgages frozen until July 2019. But their banks were initially offering lesser mortgage relief packages. Both families now have had their mortgages frozen, but the Ferraiolis' lender, Mr. Cooper, is still sending letters threatening to foreclose on their house and sell it at auction. Under the law, foreclosure actions are required to stop when the forbearance is granted.
Advocates say noncompliance by banks is a chronic problem. “It really did not seem like there were many mortgage entities out there that wanted to work with the homeowner to work out a solution that would keep them in that home,” says Sue Marticek, executive director of the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group.
Jim Ferraioli says while the foreclosure letters are disturbing, not having a monthly mortgage payment has been a great help. “The savings I’m getting from not having to pay that mortgage is being spent elsewhere, so it takes the burden off me,” he says.