KIPP Newark distributes 3,000 laptops to send home to students

KIPP Newark found a way to help bring its families equal access to technology, with schools having to shift to virtual learning – laptops.
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Volunteers were busy this morning, preparing 3,000 laptops to send home to some of their students, as parents stood and waited in line.
KIPP’s staff says their students are used to incorporating technology in the classroom, something they want to make sure all their kids will have access to now that their classrooms have turned virtual.
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“It’s part of our mission and values that we always go above and beyond for every single one of our kids and show when we knew we’d have to shift to virtual learning, we made a commitment to our families that we’d do whatever we needed to do to make sure every child had a laptop at home,” says Joanna Belcher, executive director of KIPP Schools in Newark.

Teachers began making packets for their students, but when they realized school would be closed longer they anticipated, they came up with this laptop plan.
There is expected to be training for virtual learning all next week.
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