Keep your dog warm and toasty in the cold with this heated vest for $31

This heated dog vest will keep your pup warm this winter, for 73% off

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Feb 2, 2021, 10:33 PM

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Keep your dog warm and toasty in the cold with this heated vest for $31
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Just because dogs are covered in fur doesn't mean they won't get cold or need protection from the winter elements. Depending on the breed, temperatures as low as 40° F can be unsafe, and once the temperature drops, keeping your dog outdoors can get dangerous. Keep your dog warm and comfortable while on your daily walk with this 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest. It's on sale for 73% off (originally $119), costing you only $31.95. 
This dog vest provides three heat levels (100° F-120° F), so you can set it depending on the temperature outside and how warm you think your pup will need to be. It also has three layers of protection, including an outer polyester shell and an inner layer of polar fleece for insulation. Another great feature of this vest is that it has pockets, so you can stuff a few poop bags or treats inside for those stubborn pups who need to be bribed to go out in the cold!
The vest stays warm with a dual-port USB power bank so you can heat the vest and charge your phone simultaneously. Once charged, the vest remains warm for six hours. Your dog can even wear this vest in the snow or rain, thanks to its waterproof construction. After the sun sets, walks won't be a problem, as this vest is donned with reflectors for safety.
When your pup is wearing this heated vest, you won't feel the need to cut your walks short if you usually get worried about your furry friend out in the cold. It's a smart and safe way to ensure your beloved dog is happy and content outdoors. Get this heated vest while it's on sale for $31.95 today.

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