Kane In Your Corner: What you need to know about returning holiday gifts

News 12's Walt Kane is in your corner with what you need to know to get many happy returns.

Walt Kane

Dec 22, 2022, 11:16 AM

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Returning an unwanted holiday gift could be harder this year.
News 12's Walt Kane is in your corner with what you need to know to get many happy returns.
The National Retail Federation says 18% of holiday gifts are returned each year, so knowing the return policy is a good idea.
"Can you return it to the store? Is there a limit on what you can return? Are there restocking fees when you return something? So you really have to look," says Claire Rosenzweig, from the BBB of Metro NY.
The Better Business Bureau says that's especially important this year. With inflation taking a bite off profits, 60% of retailers surveyed say they are toughening return policies, with shorter deadlines, restocking fees or both.
The shortest return period is typically on electronics.
Apple has a return deadline of Jan. 8, Best Buy is Jan. 14.
Some other major retailers have January return deadlines too - for Target the deadline is Jan. 24, for Amazon and Walmart, it is Jan. 31.
"A lot of stores want you to have it in the original condition. So, that means hang onto the boxes, hold onto the tags, the manuals, the packaging, all of that, or else they may not accept it," Rosenzweig says.
Remember to ask for gift receipts, without a receipt, some retailers only offer store credit, or will give you the lowest price the item sold for all year.
Check if the store pays for shipping on returns, or will you get stuck with the bill?
If you're buying from a website that sends you to a third-party seller, make sure you check that store's policy too.
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