Jim Feehan asks Supreme Court to intervene in contested 120th District election

Republican Jim Feehan has filed a United States Supreme Court petition over a state court decision that put resolution of the contested 120th District state representative election in Stratford in the hands of the Connecticut General Assembly.
On Election Day in November 2018, 76 voters cast ballots in the wrong state House race at Bunnell High School. Election workers say a voter first discovered the mistake at 2:30 p.m.
Democrat Phil Young went on to win the race by just 13 votes and his Republican challenger, Feehan called for a new election.
However, after the case went to court, the state told Feehan that only the Connecticut General Assembly would be able to resolve the case.  
Feehan filed the lawsuit Wednesday with the U.S Supreme Court and released a statement saying, "This fight sends an important message to voters who need to believe in the integrity of the process that gives them their voice in state government."