Jewish celebration held at MetLife Stadium New Year's Day

MetLife Stadium was at capacity New Year’s Day as tens of thousands gathered to celebrate a Jewish milestone.

About 90,000 Jewish people turned out for a ceremonial reading of Jewish Talmud in a religious event that happens every seven and a half years.
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The gathering marks the completion of study – which entails reading one page of the text per day for over seven years – by tens of thousands of Jews worldwide. To commemorate their accomplishment, they complete the reading of the religious text together in a ceremony.

They were joined via satellite by more observers in at least a dozen countries.

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn hosted another 20,000 people.

There were increased security measures in the wake of a series anti-Semitic attacks.

Gov. Phil said he planned to be at the event even before the attacks.

"Folks need to know as the most diverse state in America, we celebrate that,” he said. “We wear that as a badge of honor, but it also gives a special responsibility."