Jersey Shore in December? Murphy signs law giving bars chance to open in offseason

A bill signed in to law by Gov. Phil Murphy Monday would allow some Jersey Shore bars to open one day at a time during the offseason.
The bill was sponsored by state Sen. Vin Gopal. The law allows an establishment with a seasonal liquor license to purchase a 24-hour license from Nov. 16 through April 30. Up to 14 one-day licenses can be purchased for $500 per license.
This would be helpful for some seasonal bars during major holiday events like Thanksgiving eve, News Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day.
But some local leaders say that the bill undercuts local ordinances and laws enacted by the municipalities.
State Assemblyman Edward Thompson says, "It blatantly disregards the quality of life for the residents of the 30th District that is affected by the seasonal licensees and strips the power of the locality and [Alcohol Beverage Control] to deny these licenses which is in strict counter to our constitutional responsibilities."