Jersey City man crawls length of NYC marathon to raise money for veterans

A Jersey City man is crawling the length of the New York City marathon to raise money for a charity devoted to helping veterans.
Devon Levesque says most people think it's impossible to do a 26.2 mile bear crawl.
"Impossible is only impossible until it's possible," he says.
He says he chose to do a bear crawl because it's one of the hardest movements you can do.
Money raised during the marathon crawl will go toward the FitOps Foundation, which helps veterans find success in fitness after the military.
Levesque was inspired to help the charity after his father committed suicide when he was 16. He says he saw a lot of things in the veterans that he saw in his dad when he was younger.
"I wanted to help in any way that I could," Levesque says.
Levesque started in Brooklyn and is set to end in Central Park.
He says he plans to complete the route by 1 p.m. today.