Jersey City Head Start program hosts Father’s Day event

A group of dads with children in the Head Start program celebrated Father’s Day in Jersey City Friday.
The group meets once a month to discuss parenting, dad to dad.
News 12 New Jersey spoke with a couple of the fathers who say that having kids motivated them and changed their lives for the better.
“It helped me mature a lot. It helped me want to learn more,” says Jayr Sanchez.
Sanchez says that he was able to turn his life around and get his GED.
“I felt it was only right, because how can I tell them to finish school if I didn’t finish school?” he says.
The Head Start program’s goal is to help father’s make good choices.
“Knowing a child was coming, I wanted to set an example,” says James Wallace. “I didn’t know my pops at all.”
The event also celebrated the end of the school year for the kids.