Jersey City college students, public officials working to build new justice complex

JERSEY CITY, NJ — A true community effort is in the works in Hudson County. High school and college students along with construction workers and public officials are all working together to build a new justice complex in Jersey City.
County Executive Elect Craig Guy told News 12 New Jersey, “It’s a generational project. We expect this to be the biggest project within Hudson County by far.”
The Frank J. Guarini Justice Complex has been in the works for nearly six years. It’ll replace the Hudson County Administration Building on Newark Avenue in Jersey City in 2025. It's all being built with the help of local students in partnership with woodwork manufacturer, Eastern Millwork.
Hudson County Community College is a partner, along with multiple students that have been working on the project, as a part of an apprenticeship where they get hands on experience working in different engineering positions.
The more than $300 million project will house up to 24 courtrooms, the prosecutor’s office, some sheriff’s offices, a more accommodating juror section and a parking area. It stretches from Newark Avenue almost to state highway Route 139.
The college students involved have been working on the process since it started and have had hands on experience throughout their college career. The high school students involved in the process intern at Eastern Millwork and can start a career with the company that involves a free college tuition.
“We’re a local manufacturer which is an interesting thing. I don’t think many people believe that in Jersey City and in Hudson County that we would be manufacturing something like this," said Eastern Millwork President Andrew Campbell.
When the project is finished next year, the old administration building will be removed making way for the first public park in Journal Square. For more information, click here or visit