'It stinks in here': Strong stench plagues Monmouth County residents

Something stinks in Monmouth County, and residents are not happy about it.
Hundreds of county residents crammed into a public meeting in Tinton Falls Monday evening to express their anger and concern over a putrid smell they say can be noticed for miles.
The smell is coming from the Monmouth County Reclamation Center – a landfill in Tinton Falls. Residents say that the smell has become worse due to construction at the site.
Over 50 New Jersey municipalities throw their garbage there – over 400,000 tons of garbage per year.
County residents say the smell is embarrassing and that they are also worried about their health.
“Watching TV with my husband and I said, 'It stinks outside, I can tell because it stinks in here.' I have air fresheners everywhere,” said one county resident.
Officials are blaming recent heavy rains for making the smell worse. The smell intensifies when water mixes with garbage, according to officials.
County officials say that they are working on ways to neutralize the odor.
The county says there was a push in the 1990s for an incinerator instead of a garbage dump, but that plan was rejected.