Israel Solidarity March makes statement of support amid escalating conflict

People of all ages and backgrounds gathered in Livingston on Sunday for an Israel Solidarity March in the wake of the Hamas terror attack last week.
The march that consisted of more than 5,000 participants began at the Synagogue of the Suburban Torah Center and ended near the Livingston Public Library where they let their voices be heard.
"The Chinese community came out, various churches, Indian community in town -- all of that support is extremely important," said Boris Grushen, of Livingston.
The grassroots organization MetroWest Israel Action Committee decided on Tuesday that they wanted to hold an event where people in the community can unite. More than 25 area synagogues and institutions gathered to support Israel.
Some participants whom News 12 spoke with said they have families and loved ones being impacted by the Israel-Hamas war. They said it's important to feel the outpouring of support in a time of uncertainty.
Livingston resident Joey Cioffi recounted what his loved ones overseas have experienced in Israel. He said he wanted to be surrounded by people in his community to lift him up -- all with stories to share.
"A friend of mine who plays professional basketball is out there. He had to relocate and it's scary for his family," he said.
Organizers hope to help transfer supplies in the coming days and raise significant funds to provide for the needs of the people impacted.
As of Sunday night, the Jewish federations have allocated more than $10 million to 20 organizations to provide emergency relief and support.
More events are planned in the coming days and weeks ahead.