'Ink Stories' exhibit brings military service history to life in Northport

Photos of nearly three dozen veterans and the stories of their military service told through their tattoos are now on display at the Northport-East Northport Public library.
"It's a different way to talk about situations," says Kathryn Heavisde, of the Northport-East Northport Library. "We found that the tattoos that these gentlemen got, and women, really told a story of their past that they didn't want to talk about."
Chaz Moisan, a Vietnam veteran, is one of 34 veterans who agreed to have their pictures taken for the exhibit. His tattoos tell a story of how he was wounded by mortar fire. He has images of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Moisan also talks openly about dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.
"If you look at it careful because of the way we were treated, it's a distress flag," says Moisan.
The exhibit will be on display until Nov. 30. Organizers hope to bring the exhibit to other libraries in Suffolk.