Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman inspires younger writers

One of the most memorable moments at the inaugural ceremony came from young poet Amanda Gorman. And now some who teach creative writing to children believe that she may be their newest inspiration.
Gorman made history as the youngest inaugural poet in the United States when the 22-year-old Harvard graduated recited “The Hill We Climb,” written for the event. She said that she completed the poem following the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol building.
“The buzz on our social media and email feed has been all about Amanda Gorman,” says novelist Judith Lindbergh.
Lindbergh founded The Writers Circle, a New Jersey-based workshop that teaches poetry and other creative writing to children. Lindbergh says she believes Gorman is an example for kids on how to write honestly about their feelings.
“Kids have a lot to say. And if we give them permission to say it, without trying to craft it for them, without trying to direct it, but just to let them express themselves freely, they will find their own voices,” she says.
That Gorman’s poem was inspired by recent events was striking to New Jersey poet Peter Murphy.
“It is very difficult to write a topical poem, which is what this is. And that is a very difficult assignment. And I thought she did great,” says Murphy.
Murphy, who heads a poetry and creative writing program aligned with Stockton University that is named after him, says he believes in just those few moments Gorman's words left an impact and will inspire young writers well into the future.